I have completely assembled a chassis and I am pleased to say that everything went together perfectly.  I am very pleased with the anodizing and silk screening.  Both are far superior to what we had been getting locally.

Thanks for your help in getting it all done.

-Herb Valliant, Zero Length Spring Engineer

Buckeye Shapeform was able to provide us with a completely customized enclosure system, including longer length, custom punched top and bottom covers, pre-installed PEM fasteners and custom machined and silk screened front and back covers.

- Gary Anderson, Newton Research Labs Senior Mechanical Engineer

The most notable part of working with Buckeye Shapeform is that when our engineers order a product or process, Buckeye’s people suggest alternate and effective ideas.

- Gary Anderson, Newton Research Labs Senior Mechanical Engineer  

Too many compromises were necessary to use any other enclosure that we researched.

-Bruce Laurian Chief Technical Officer, Citywide ATM Engineering

For anyone in search of fabrication of this type, I would encourage them to give Buckeye Shapeform the opportunity to provide them with the peace of mind I received on this project.

-Bruce Laurian Chief Technical Officer, Citywide ATM Engineering

The reason I was looking at the 3D CAD models was to upgrade another new product we have and determined that your custom plastic enclosure line would best fit. Your new feature was easy to use and informative.

-Don Wright, Project Manager, Aeroprobe Corporation

They are very flexible,” he said. “If you want something customized, they will do it.

-Bruce Laurian Chief Technical Officer, Citywide ATM Engineering

Laurian gave Buckeye Shapeform a sketch, and the company’s engineers replied with detailed plans for how the box could be built within budget. “They got the job.”

-Bruce Laurian Chief Technical Officer, Citywide ATM Engineering

Buckeye Shapeform demonstrates superior service. They’re always willing to work with us regarding quick turns when we need them. We’re very satisfied with our enclosure, and we install it on every laser system we build.

-Chris Wasel, Purchasing Agent, MECCO Marking & Traceability

We are pleased to add Buckeye Shapeform as a supplier. Their flexible design capability and willingness to assist us in designing various types of enclosures for our growing product line will help us to bring these new products to market faster.

-Larry Reid, President, VoiceInterop, Inc.

Buckeye Shapeform has created a name for itself in the industry.

-Mike Porter, Channel D Owner

When we needed an enclosure for the DBSR, Buckeye Shapeform was the only logical choice...The level of service Buckeye gave us, both face-to-face and in the shop, is unmatched in the industry.

-Mike Porter, Channel D, Owner

Not only did we need the most cost-effective way to house the device’s sensitive controls.

-Jim Black, BBG President and Senior Engineer

Every patient deserves the most innovative treatment, and Buckeye Shapeform provided us with an economical and effective way to house the components of one of the latest treatment options...their team has an amazing ability to envision the big picture and to create effective solutions to difficult challenges.

-Jim Black, BBG President and Senior Engineer

Buckeye’s ability to quickly and professionally customize enclosures serves a vital function in our efforts to keep data flowing quickly...Buckeye is like fiber optic technology—fast and efficient—and we couldn’t be more pleased with their work.

-Kelly Curtis, Timbercon Materials Manager

We are set up to produce any type of enclosure, regardless of the order’s size. Timbercon’s first order was the start of a productive, long-term relationship.

-Dustin McMillan, Buckeye Shapeform Project Manager

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