Custom Tin Containers: The Perfect Packaging Solution

Tuesday, June 27, 2017Categories: Novelty Tin Containers

Custom Tin Containers

You’ve spent the time making your product as attractive and valuable to your customers as possible. Before you introduce your product into the market, you have an important market strategy decision to make: How will you package your product? With custom tin containers, the quality of your product will be reflected in the quality of its packaging.

Buckeye Shapeform’s custom tin containers make your products look their very best with a complete line of premium, seamless, tin-plated steel containers. Plus, you get the industry’s best set of value-added services, including custom sizes, embossed stamping, optional finishes and more.


An embossed lid offers a way to enhance a brand, logo or positioning. Embossing not only adds a distinctive look to the lid but reduces your cost over time by eliminating the need for applying labels.

Special Sizes

Whether it be a specific size, material, color or product feature, Buckeye Shapeform can create custom tin containers to meet your need — including hard-to-find three-ounce cans!

Value-Added Services

Buckeye Shapeform offers customers the broadest range of services to help complete a product for sale. From layer-packing, assembly, custom packaging for optimal handling, or pad printing, Buckeye Shapeform works with you to make your business easier.

Here are just a handful of the kinds of products that are packaged in a seamless, custom tin container:

  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Cosmetics
  • Teas
  • Photography
  • Laboratory
  • Music/recording

Are you looking for the best way to finish your product with class? Contact the experts at Buckeye Shapeform today!

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