Buckeye Shapeform Offers Durability and Customization with In-house Powder Coating

Tuesday, December 19, 2017Categories: Plastic Enclosure Technology

In-house Powder Coating

Gain control of your enclosures manufacturing process with more options, faster delivery, and lower costs.

DL Instruments, a New York-based manufacturer of a range of electronic instrumentation for industrial, commercial, and laboratory use since 1995, required a solution to an ineffective finish on the trim of many enclosures used for the company’s products. The thin, anodized coating on the trim was unable to withstand the customer’s manufacturing process, resulting in visible surface. Buckeye Shapeform’s ability to customize enclosures and offer in-house powder coating provided DL Instruments with more durable finish options and more control over the cost of its enclosures, making Buckeye Shapeform the perfect partner for this solution.

The powder-coat finish enhanced the durability of the coating of DL Instrument’s enclosures while maintaining the product’s overall look and feel. By offering an in-house powder-coating operation, Buckeye Shapeform also was able to offer a customized solution, faster delivery time and lower costs, compared to outsourcing the service.

“Buckeye Shapeform helped us get a powder-coating solution that we never knew existed, so that our trims now still have a very classic look like before but are also much easier to use in our manufacturing process. The price is also reduced because of the easier manufacturing process.” DL Instruments

Buckeye Shapeform was sensitive to the customer’s requirement that any change in the coating of the trim remain consistent with DL Instruments’ branding and appearance of the high volume of units already on the market. After machining and punching the front and rear plates, Buckeye Shapeform provided DL Instruments with a completely powder-coated unit with both a black and clear (white/silver) finish that was nearly identical to the enclosure’s original appearance.

While the customer’s enclosure is a standard unit, the modifications allowed for an attractive and unique customization. As a result of Buckeye Shapeform’s solution, DL Instruments has received a durable, robust enclosure that has exceeded all of the company’s expectations and resolved the problems occurring during the manufacturing process.

Buckeye Shapeform’s in-house powder-coating operation reflects the highest standards of customer service, quality manufacturing, and customization. Interested in taking advantage of our service? Contact Buckeye Shapeform today!

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