Plastic Electronics Enclosures

The Finest Custom Plastic Enclosures Available ... and No Tooling or Molds Required! 


Are you ready for prototyping or in need of a short-run enclosure?  How about in the middle of production and have product design changes?  Buckeye Shapeform's Plastic Electronics Enclosures (PET) allow for a cost effective equipment case that can be changed as fast as your product does.



Green Box

Additonal Features:

It often takes a few months or even years of manufacturing before your product can hit the market. During the development stage, changes occur and re-configuring of cases with unique specifications can become a requirement. Having a flexible enclosure manufacturer has become instrumental for the launch of any successful product.


Buckeye Shapeform’s PET is ideal for these applications with difficult electrical box or chassis requirements. Working with our engineers, you will be able to utilize leading CAM software, custom 3-axis CNC routers and leverage heat bending machines to produce the exact configurations you need.
We offer the customer service, the tools and the market experience to handle your product and your needs!


Buckeye Shapeform’s Plastic Electronics Enclosures Include:


– Materials
ABS, general purpose and fire retardant
HIPS, high impact polystyrene
Polycarbonate & Acrylic, various blends available
– Features
Tongue and Groove and Joints
Small and Large Radius Bends
Edge Chambers, Reveals and Radii
Snap Joints and Catches
Hinges and Interlocks
Sliding Panels
Label Recesses
Novelty Cans
Deep Draw Technology

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