At Buckeye Shapeform, we offer a complete lineup of off-the-shelf instrumentation enclosures. Available in either metal or plastic, these equipment housings range in style from desktop and handheld units to rack mount units. Our enclosures are engineered to reflect the highest standards of quality manufacturing and workmanship. 

Don't find an off-the-shelf enclosure that fits your needs? No worries. Buckeye Shapeform can work with you to modify our standard enclosures to fit your specifications. Many standard enclosures can be modified to your exact height/width/depth requirements and provide the value added services to complete the case like powder coating, paint, ventilation and hole patterns and silk screening. To learn more about our customization capabilities click here or contact us to speak to a customer service representative.

Our experts can help you spec out the exact enclosure for you needs.

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