Military/Aerospace Industry

When Performance Matters

Like everything we do at Buckeye Shapeform, this is yet another area where there is no room for error. Leaders in the military and aerospace manufacturing industry know that mission-critical parts and equipment must perform efficiently—even in harsh conditions—without fail.

That’s where our deep draw technology and refined enclosure creation processes clearly set us apart. With this technology in place, we are capable of creating complex and reliable products that perform with a high level of precision and efficiency.

The Deep Draw Difference

When performance matters, deep draw technology delivers. Not only do these products undergo innovative integrity-testing procedures, but they are virtually flawless—with no seams or welds—and they meet or surpass military and aerospace technology standards of performance.

Although our deep draw process works with copper, brass, mild (cold rolled) steel, precious metals and any ductile material, we prefer aluminum for its uniform grain structure, strength, ability to absorb vibration, and higher-quality parts that are less brittle.

Precisely What You Need

Thanks to the controlled movement process we use with our deep draw technology, we can effectively produce a refined, highly calibrated product with tolerances in the thousandths. Whether we are producing enclosure products for sensitive electronics and other components or mission-critical products and equipment, precision is always our goal.

With deep draw technology, we can provide complex cylindrical shells, tubes and other shapes; high-volume, high-speed manufacturing; multiple wall thicknesses; and multiple diameters to ensure product performance that is both reliable and accurate.

Results You Can Count On

Since deep draw technology reduces the use of raw materials, which in turn minimizes operations, it cuts back on the time and money needed to assemble separate product components. By using our in-house deep draw technology, we are able to lower material costs and product weight, which results in significant savings and consistent performance.

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To learn more about the many ways Buckeye Shapeform serves the military/aerospace industry, read our white paper, Deep Draw Technology: Making High-Quality Mission-Critical Parts Affordable to Produce. [LINK]

Read our military/aerospace case study to find out how Buckeye Shapeform worked with a maker of rocket launchers to provide seamless inner tubes that could withstand the battlefield. [LINK?]

“For our rocket launchers, we needed a supplier with expertise in modern fabrication techniques. We needed a team that could give us a perfect inner tube every time, without a welded seam, that could withstand the rugged, deadly arena of the battlefield.” ~ Rocket launcher manufacturing executive

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