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Innovation + Precision = Specialized Medical Products

As medical technology advances, the demand for innovative, precision products that can be used in specialty situations increases. The ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions depends on it. Fortunately, Buckeye Shapeform leads the pack when it comes to creating enclosures and other components for medical supplies, devices and imaging technologies.

Innovation and Expertise

To avoid the risk of technology obsolescence, it’s critical to continually innovate. At Buckeye Shapeform, we guard against this factor with an experienced design team, the latest emerging design and fabrication technologies, and a high level of engineering expertise. Quite simply, we help you stay ahead of the curve. With our help, you can deliver products that take advantage of new growth opportunities.

Performance That Doesn’t Miss A Beat

Because it is critically important to address medical conditions sooner rather than later, Buckeye Shapeform continually strives to refine its technology. We understand the importance of working with technology that performs without error—every time. As a leader in deep draw products and custom enclosures, Buckeye Shapeform offers the best quality and durability, the tightest of tolerances, and endless shapes and sizes, as well as economy in multiple test, measurement and technology applications.

We Make It Special

Because your needs are unique, we make customization a priority. In fact, small, custom orders don’t upset us. Instead we pride ourselves on being able to provide good-looking, precision-manufactured enclosures and other components for a wide variety of medical applications. From our diverse off-the-shelf enclosure line to our ability to design and create any type of metal or plastic component, we can deliver what you need—when you need it. We bring you enclosure customization and excellent customer service—regardless of order size.

In the rapidly changing medical equipment market, our ability to deliver innovation, performance and superior customer service is unsurpassed. Together we can create the most reliable medical products on the market.

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To learn more about the many ways Buckeye Shapeform serves the medical industry, read our white paper, Medical Manufacturing: Creating Innovative, Precise, and Specialized Medical Equipment Components. [LINK]

Read our medical case study to find out how Buckeye Shapeform worked with the engineers at BBG, Inc. to develop a cost-effective way to house the Dynamic Thorax Phantom, one of the latest innovations in lung cancer therapy.

“Every patient deserves the most innovative treatment, and Buckeye Shapeform provided us with an economical and effective way to house the components of one of the latest treatment options. Their team has an amazing ability to envision the big picture and to create effective solutions to difficult challenges.” ~ Jim Black, President and Senior Engineer, BBG


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