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Never before has the audio/visual industry been so simple yet so complex. While consumers have grown accustomed to low-cost products that are easy to use, they also demand high-performance applications. Equipment manufacturers must answer the call for high-quality products and cost-effective solutions while simultaneously staying abreast of the growing level of complexity. Buckeye Shapeform is uniquely positioned to help audio/visual industry leaders respond to this new era and deliver high-performance, user-friendly, cost-effective solutions.

High Performance

Audio/visual consumers demand more from their products than ever before. They want high-performance solutions that allow for seamless integration with audio/visual applications in the home, auto, business and educational settings. Fortunately, Buckeye Shapeform provides the necessary services to accomplish these goals.

Our high-performance fabrication processes make it possible to customize existing enclosures or create custom enclosures for your specific applications. We combine our streamlined production process with engineering know-how to create high-performance enclosures that seamlessly integrate into your product and service lines.

At the same time, our design engineers are trained and experienced on the latest CAD and 3D design software. They integrate our state-of-the-art design software with highly sophisticated fabrication equipment, removing any possibility of human error. High-performance equipment then cuts the enclosure to the required shape, punches the precise holes, accurately bends the materials, removes any rough edges, and applies the proper screen printing. Best of all, this highly streamlined process all takes place under our roof.


Even in the face of increased complexity, Buckeye Shapeform strives to maintain interface simplicity. We have the ability to create enclosures that house all levels of complexity without sacrificing ease of use. Even our design process is user-friendly.

At Buckeye Shapeform, we can fabricate to your specifications, work with you to design an enclosure that is both user-friendly and functional, offer unmatched levels of technical support, provide proactive customer service, and continue to ensure production excellence.

Cost Effectiveness

At Buckeye Shapeform, we take pride in our ability to make enclosures that are ready for installation—quickly, easily and cost-effectively. In fact, completing the case is what we do best. Our ability to customize standard products is unmatched in the industry. From design to screen-printing, we do it all under one roof, saving you time and money.

We’re also flexible. So when you’re short on time or internal resources and only periodic orders will do, we can accommodate. Even better, we will handle the details of getting your cases ready for production, deliver your projects on time, and complete your projects per spec. Every time you ask.

Exemplary Service

In a world where you are increasingly being asked to do more for less, Buckeye Shapeform is there to help you answer the call. We do more than create custom enclosures. We also make quality instrument knobs and accessories for a wide range of audio/visual applications. Because we can provide all these services under one roof, you save time and money.

At Buckeye Shapeform, our expertise clearly makes a difference when it comes to producing and delivering high-performance audio/visual solutions that are easy to use and cost less. Simply put, we make it our business to assist your business.

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To learn more about the many ways Buckeye Shapeform serves the audio/visual industry, read our white paper, A/V Equipment Fabrication: Creating High-Performance, User-Friendly and Cost-Effective A/V Products. [LINK]

Read our audio/visual case study to discover how Buckeye Shapeform developed a custom enclosure to house a highly sophisticated wireless antenna distribution system for Channel D Solutions.

“Buckeye Shapeform was able to provide us with a completely customized enclosure system, including longer length, custom punched top and bottom covers, pre-installed PEM fasteners, and custom machined and silk screened front and back covers.” ~ Gary Anderson, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Newton Research Labs


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